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Community Locked

Due to the closure of City of Heroes and recent issues with spambots on LiveJournal, I am locking this community to new posts and new members. Existing posts will remain for posterity.

I am making an effort to remove any and all spambot messages from the community. If you are aware of any on old posts that you made to this community and are for any reason unable to remove them, please let me know.
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Tuesday Night Fight!

In honor of Xany's triumphant return to the City, and to bring in Dual Pistols with a, well.. bang... Tuesday, Feb 23 is a LiveJournal Fight Club night on the Test Server!

When: Tuesday, Feb 23. 8pm Eastern. (try to show up a few minutes early if you can)
What: Kickball style team fights, Any level (i.e. 50) to start. After that it will depend on what people want to do.
Where: Test Server, Pocket D Arena Terminals (above the Monkey Fight Club)
Why: Because it's fun!
How: Sign up by commenting on this post to let us know you're coming. And check the tips below...


Make sure you update your test client and transfer characters as early as possible! For those who haven't been around for a while, the method for transfers has changed with the new forums. The instructions for loading the test client and transferring characters can be found here:


If you can't make the 8pm start time, just show up when you can and hang out. We may be in the arena when you arrive, but matches won't be longer than ten minutes, so just wait and we'll pick you up on the next match.

Make sure to add the LiveJournal global channel to your chat tab, as we will be using this to communicate. Be aware that the globals got reset recently so you may need to rejoin the channel and reset your global name.

We will probably also be on LineNoise's vent server:

Hostname: carbon.typefrag.com
Port: 25599

Most Importantly!

Come to have fun! Bring a good attitude and be gracious in victory and defeat, and a good time will be had by all.

(please note that this is, of course, subject to the availability of the test server)
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Fight! Saturday at 9pm EST.

Well the results of the poll are pretty much tied, so in order to give people some time to get ready we'll do this Saturday night at 9pm EST.

We'll have our standard house rules and procedures with the exception of day and time, of course.

I highly recommend patching your test client and copying your toons over as far ahead of time as possible. Make sure to add the LiveJournal global channel to your chat tab, as all communication will be in this channel!

We'll definitely being doing some level 50 kickball, but I'd also like to try a few other level ranges to get a good feel for the new system. So let's all try to bring something close to 20 and something close to 30 as well.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to attend and what you plan to bring. Meet us in Pocket D above the Monkey Fight club at (or before) 9pm EST and be ready to fight!

See you there!
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LJ Fight Club, Beta Style!

With Issue 13 Open Beta upon us, bringing a completely new PvP experience, it's time to resurrect the LJFC! This weekend we'll be getting together to test the new changes in the arena and hopefully have a little fun in the process.

All we need to do is pick a time and day that works for most people. Thus I give you... a poll!

Collapse )

Owned in PvP

Ok. I get owned in PvP. I do hero's side. Usually I get two-shotted by someone stealthed, or I can't seem to do any damage.

What are the others doing (or not doing) that I'm not (or am)?
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Fight Club Tonight!


Come one, come all, for the LiveJournal Fight Club!

All the usuals: "Training Room" Test Server, starting around 8pm Eastern, and will last as long as necessary. Meet in Pocket D, near the terminals. Make sure that you have the LJ Global channel added on Test.

Fights are normally at the 22-26, and "Any Level" ranges. Team battles and maybe a few 'Free-For-All' battles.`

LJFC House rules and procedures and Sue's Guide to the Arena
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Feeding the addiction

I don't know about you guys, but I have been craving another fight club. It has been like 2 months since the last.

Baring any unforseen patches, how about we have one on Oct 2nd? That's this next Tuesday. Was also thinking starting at 8pm Eastern and running until we drop. We can do the usual brackets of mid 20's and then fight with the 50s/almost 50s.

Are ya with me?

Fight Club Tuesday (July 10th)

We'll be holding a Fight Club (as usual in Pocket D on the Test Server) beginning at 9:30 Eastern on Tuesday, July 10.

Ex Libris posted about some stability fixes to the Arenas, and called for testing on them, so I'll try to be paying attention for that. Hopefully the match-crashing days will be ending soon.

For events, let's focus on the usual level ranges, i.e. 22-26 and Any Level. Team makeup will be determined by turnout.

If you can't make it until later, that's fine. Just show up when you can. Be sure to join the LiveJournal global channel (you might need to rejoin, it was wiped out recently) and if you don't immediately see anyone around when you get there, hang around for ten minutes because we might be inside the arena (and we can't chat with the outside world when we're in there).

If you are new to LJFC or just need a refresher, then check out our House Rules and Procedures, as well as Black n' Blue Sue's LJFC Arena Guide. Both can be found in the sidebar of the cox_ljfc community page.

*twitch, twich*

Are we going to be having any LJ Fight Club Meetings soon?  I've really had a hankering for one.

I propose that we have one next week.  Maybe Monday evening (after 6p CDT)?  I'd be able to come on Tuesday if it were after about 8p CDT.

Any takers?