quasadu (quasadu) wrote in cox_ljfc,

Fight Club Tuesday (July 10th)

We'll be holding a Fight Club (as usual in Pocket D on the Test Server) beginning at 9:30 Eastern on Tuesday, July 10.

Ex Libris posted about some stability fixes to the Arenas, and called for testing on them, so I'll try to be paying attention for that. Hopefully the match-crashing days will be ending soon.

For events, let's focus on the usual level ranges, i.e. 22-26 and Any Level. Team makeup will be determined by turnout.

If you can't make it until later, that's fine. Just show up when you can. Be sure to join the LiveJournal global channel (you might need to rejoin, it was wiped out recently) and if you don't immediately see anyone around when you get there, hang around for ten minutes because we might be inside the arena (and we can't chat with the outside world when we're in there).

If you are new to LJFC or just need a refresher, then check out our House Rules and Procedures, as well as Black n' Blue Sue's LJFC Arena Guide. Both can be found in the sidebar of the cox_ljfc community page.
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