quasadu (quasadu) wrote in cox_ljfc,

Fight! Saturday at 9pm EST.

Well the results of the poll are pretty much tied, so in order to give people some time to get ready we'll do this Saturday night at 9pm EST.

We'll have our standard house rules and procedures with the exception of day and time, of course.

I highly recommend patching your test client and copying your toons over as far ahead of time as possible. Make sure to add the LiveJournal global channel to your chat tab, as all communication will be in this channel!

We'll definitely being doing some level 50 kickball, but I'd also like to try a few other level ranges to get a good feel for the new system. So let's all try to bring something close to 20 and something close to 30 as well.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to attend and what you plan to bring. Meet us in Pocket D above the Monkey Fight club at (or before) 9pm EST and be ready to fight!

See you there!
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