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01 February 2007 @ 05:42 pm
LJ Fight Club House Rules and Procedures  

The First Rule of LJ Fight Club is... Have Fun.

Other than that, we don't really have "rules" so much as "guidelines."

We do have common procedures though, so let's get those out of the way first:


Where to be - Our regular meeting place is the Pocket D Arena section, on the top floor of Monkey Fight Club. MFC is located on the hero side of Pocket D, between the bar and the dance floor (on your left if facing the dance floor and DJ Zero).

Getting Started - LJFC events will begin at the scheduled time. That means the scheduled time is when we'll start picking teams for our first fight. Anyone who isn't there at that time will have to observe or wait for the next fight (but don't sweat it, fights usually last no longer than 10 minutes). See the LJFC Schedule for dates and start times.

Picking Teams - The usual method of picking teams is kickball style: We choose two or more captains and those captains take turns selecting their teammates until everyone has been picked. Captains stand on one side of the room, selectees on the other. Observers can stand anywhere they want as long as it's not with captains or selectees.

When a captain chooses a teammate, the captain sends a /invite to the person chosen. Whena selectee gets an invite, he/she goes to stand with the team that selected him/her. The captain lets everyone know that a selection has been made, and the next captain then selects a teammate. This continues until everyone has been selected.

Sometimes the numbers don't work out to exactly even teams, but we do our best. Don't sweat it too much. We'll probably repick teams in the next fight. Everyone will likely end up being on a team that gets completely squashed sometimes, and everyone will probably end up on a team that completely squashes someone. It happens. But most of the time, things balance out and the fights are not one-sided.

Setting up Events - If there is only one event going on at a time, then the event will be created by the Fight Club organizer (usually @Quasadu on East Coast nights and @Deuco on West Coast nights). If there are multiple events going on at a time, then one of the team captains will usually start each event. See Sue's LJFC Arena Guide for info on using the terminals and creating events.

Starting the Fight - Once the event has begun, it is common practice to make sure that everyone is loaded and present before beginning the fight. This is easily done by asking "everyone ready?" over broadcast. In addition, if there are Masterminds in the event, we will usually give them a minute or so to set up pets or ask them to let us know when they're ready.

House "Rules"
Like I said, these are really just guidelines more than rules. These can always be discarded for a fight if everyone involved agrees, and other rules can be similarly added. This list will just let you know what our common practice is, so we don't have to recite all the rules before each fight.

Inspirations and Temp Powers - Only tier one inspirations are allowed. These can be purchased at the Arena Store. Temp Powers are not allowed, nor are higher-power inspirations.

Gladiators - Night Widows and Archmagi are prohibited from gladiator fights unless everyone involved agrees otherwise before the match.

Be Prepared!
Here are a few things to remember to help be prepared when Fight Night rolls around. Do these things, and it will help the event go smoothly with fewer interruptions.

Get Test up and running!
If you don't know how to install the test server or copy characters to it, check out this post on the official forums.

Join the Global Channel!
Make sure you join the LiveJournal global channel on the Test server by typing "/chanjoin LiveJournal" and remember that being a member of the channel on the live servers will not automatically add you to the channel on the test server. Also, if you have not been on test before, your global handle may be different than the one you use on the live servers. Changing it to match will make it easier for us to know who you are.

Check for Patches Early - Keep an eye on the "Now Testing on the Training Room" thread on the official forums to see if there have been any new patches. Try to download any patches well before Fight Night starts.

Copy Characters Early - Similarly, make sure you've copied over any characters you want to use in the fights. The character copy tool doesn't always work reliably, so the earlier you do this, the better.

Respec Early! - If you want to try out a different build for Fight Club, make sure you respec early so you're not missing fights while you decide how many slots to put in Jump Kick.

Sign Up! - There will be a sign up post with details about a week before each event. It's ok to show up to an event without signing up beforehand, and it's ok to sign up and then drop out if you can't make it... but it's just helpful to have a sign up sheet to have a rough estimate of who will be there and what characters they may be bringing.

Watch this Community! - Keep an eye on this community for updates and late details. If Test is down, or Global Chat is broken, or a last minute patch goes up, or whatever; I will try my best to get a post up here the second I know to give everyone as much warning as I can.

And finally:

Come to Have Fun! - This is the most important thing about LJFC and I can't stress it enough. We're not playing for bragging rights, we're not keeping score - we're just here to have a good time. Remember that it's all in good spirits and everyone wants to have a good time and help everyone else have a good time. It's the test server, so there are no consequences for your characters. Try not to let it upset you if you end up feeling useless or outmatched sometimes.. it happens. Just grab a different character or ask for pointers, respec later to try something different... play around. That's what it's all about.

Let me know if I missed anything so I can add it, and keep an eye on this post as it may be updated periodically. It will be permanently linked on the sidebar of the community, and when I update it I will post a quick note to let you know.