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For those of you who weren't there

Last night we did have a Fight Club night! In attendance, myself (@Liz), @Big Angry, @Saint Nicster, @LineNoise, @JeremyM and @Winged Murakaki.

We had an assortment of matches, but most of them were in the 27-31 or 32-27 bracket. We did one level 50 FFA, and a couple 38-40 matches. It was like... a 5hour fight club with an hour break in the middle.

I learned that:

I love the -jump -fly from Glue Arrow and Entangling Arrow.
Scourge is da bomb.
Supression is a fickle bitch. It would choose the most inopportune times to kick in, or give out. (This explains also why I would be randomly stunned by @Ishitawa Goemon's Sara McCallen (storm/dark)'s Tornado after I got far away from it.
Fear still really sucks when it's used against you.
Ganging up on @LineNoise is fun.
Grounded Stormies are still effective. (We had one match were @Big Angry said "Alright, no more flying. Everyone on the ground.") I think everyone used Fly/Hover as their main travel power that match.
Energy Torrent is great for bowling players around.

Nic and I had a match of my Fire/TA Controller VS his Energy/Energy blaster. With no imps I really couldn't hurt him (like most Controllers above 32 and below 47, I slot no damage in my attacks), but I certainly could slow the hell out of him. I was trepidatious about using my holds and stuns stacked too much because of Suppression. So I kept alternating between mez and slows. And taking pot-shots at Excess Power from behind crates and boxes. :p

There was a match of La Furia (energy/energy brute) and Screaming Cheetah VS Syrus B. (Fire/TA controller) and Black Vacuume (sonic/traps corrupter). @Big Angry and I did pretty well to start, then were slaughtered the rest of the match. It was pretty painful.

Frozen Pyro and Syrus B. had a match of "let's annoy eachother with holds!" Quote of the match "These trees are sticky." (Glue Arrow in action.) One of the most balanced matches of the night, I think.

When Nic brought in Jack's Hammer (SS/Stone/Superspeed brute) with Neutrina Tina, we had TAUNT WARS. Klaus Alteron (MA/SR scrap) and Diva of Device (Ill/FF controller) had too much defense on their side, but still everyone got a defeat and a kill that match, I believe.

So there ya go. Join us next time, where I will do less damage and annoy more people with Trick Arrow!

Fight Club Tuesday! (5/1) - 8pm Eastern!

This week is a regularly scheduled Tuesday Fight Night, and it's one you won't want to miss! Why not? Because then you might not get to be in the official LJFC promo video!

That's right, this Tuesday at Fight Club, I will be demorecording every fight and using the footage to create a promotional video for LJFC, which will become a permanent feature of this community, as well as being posted in the main city_of_heroes and cityofvillains communities when it's done.

So come out to the fights, kick some ass and chew some bubblegum and get a cameo, or even a feature role in the video that will represent our Fight Club for all to see!

Our events for this Tuesday will include the usual favorite bouts: Team Duels at Any Level (i.e. 50 or close to it) and Lightweight (22-26). If we're still rolling and there's enough interest, we may throw in some lowbie fights, too (levels 1-5).

For those who are new to Fight Club, or veterans who haven't been to an event in a while, be sure to check out our House Rules and Procedures. If you haven't used the Arena terminals before, check out Black n' Blue Sue's LJFC Arena Guide. And for future events, always check the schedules for East Coast Tuesdays and West Coast Thursdays.

As usual, if you plan to attend, comment below and let us know what characters you might be bringing. Signing up for the event is not required, and it's not an absolute commitment, but it's a helpful way to make educated guesses about what to expect.

See you at the fights! And in the pictures!
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West Coast Thursday this week

Now that the test server is open again, I've updated the West Coast schedule. We're on for this Thursday, at 7pm Pacific (10 Eastern). Leave a comment if you think you can be there, just so we know how many to expect.

I thought it might be fun to try a lowbie gladiator bout. Although I'm not sure what gladiators even open up in true lowbie range, so we might be looking more at the early teens. But the point would be to play with an extremely limited selection, to level the playing field as much as possible and maximize the effects of planning and skill. I suppose we could achieve the same thing by running any level and just agreeing to use a limited set of gladiator types. What do you guys think?

And then of course we'll also get our fists dirty in the usual fashion. :) See you there!

-- @Deuco
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Test Server Open - Fight Club Tonight!

The Test Server is now open for public testing of Issue 9, so we will be having Fight Club tonight at 8pm on the Training Room. Not Training Room 01.

The events will be as noted in the schedule:

Tuesday, Apr 3 (8pm EST) - Team Free-for-Alls: Any Level, 22-26, 6-11

Hop on and download the patches and copy your characters as early as possible! There's sure to be a lot of people rushing to get in.

See you at the fights!

Fight Club is on for Tuesday

Just wanted to let everyone know that we *will* be having a Fight Club event, as scheduled, Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. The venue for the event will be the Training Room on Test, if it is available, or Justice, if Test is still closed. If Test opens up, I will post a notice here as soon as I hear about it.

If we're on Test, then the events will be as described on the schedule. If on Justice, then it will be lowbie fights again, level 1-5 (or exemped down). Either way, meet up in Pocket D, above Monkey Fight Club, as always.

See you at the fights!